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How can I access my credentials (certificates/badges), download it in a PDF format and share it on social media?

Once the credentials (certificates/badges) are issued, you will receive an email from <your institute name> Via Certif-ID <no-reply@certif-id.com>.

Please note - Sometimes the email might land up in the promotion folder or spam folder. Make sure to check for the email there, in case you do not see it in the Inbox. 

  1. Click on View Credential / Get Credential on the email.
  2. In case you are not signed up, Name and email will be pre-populated, enter a strong password and join.
  3. Select your Country, State and City and click on Continue to see the credentials (certificates/badges).
  4. You will see the download icon below the credentials (certificates/badges). Click on it to download the credentials (certificates/badges) in a PDF format.
  5. Bring visibility to your credentials (certificates/badges) by sharing it on social media. You can click on social media icons to share your credentials (certificates/badges) on different social media platforms accordingly.
  6. Click on View All Credentials to view all the certificates issued to you via Certif-ID.
Tip - You can validate or verify your credentials (certificates/badges) by clicking on the verify button. Your credentials (certificates/badges) can also be authenticated by scanning the QR Code.