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How to create a batch and request for credentials (certificates/badges) to be issued?

Once courses (programs) are audited by the certification body, you can start adding the batches:

  1. Go to organisation page
  2. Click on Credential Manager - Batch
  3. Click on + icon on the top right to add the batch
  4. Fill in all the details and click on the tick icon to save the batch details.
  5. Once the batch is added, click on the three dots on the right and click on Invite students
  6. You can add the student details individually by clicking on Add student or you can download the sample sheet and upload the data in the required format to bulk upload the recipient data. Make sure to check for the email ID errors, extra spaces in fields to avoid the errors during the upload
  7. Click on the three dots and click on Finalize. 

Please note - once you finalize the batch you won't be able to make any changes in this batch.

Tip - Untick the "Send Batch Invitation Mail" button if you do not want to send batch invitation mail to the students of the batch.

Once the batch is finalized, you can request for the credentials (certificates/badges):

  1. Select the batch and click on the three dots on the right
  2. Click on Add certificate
  3. Fill in the required details
  4. Click on Request credential button on the top right of the page
  5. Enter the issue date and click on Issue

Certification body has the final authority to issue the credentials (certificates/badges).

  1. Go to Certification Body page
  2. Click on Credential Manager - Credentials - Issue Credentials
  3. Select the batch for which you want to issue the credentials.
  4. Click on the three dots on the right. You can view, accept or reject the request from here.

Please note - Once the request is accepted, the credentials (certificates/badges) will be processed on blockchain and the recipients will receive the credentials (certificates/badges) within 15 hours.