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What is Skill Pass? How can I share my Skill Pass (profile) with someone?

Skill Pass is a digital profile powered by Certif-ID. Skill Pass gives you a chance to outperform your competition and stand out. 

You can create your own Skill Pass by simply signing on to Certif-ID. Once you sign in, you can start building your Skill Pass. It gives recruiters a comprehensive view of you, from education and skills learnt to work experience and samples.

Note: Unlike traditional profiles where keywords in your profile headline or summary decide on how much visibility your profile gets. Skill Pass is driven by skills i.e., based on the skills you have gathered from your certificates, education qualifications and work experience, Skill Pass will recommend you with potential jobs.

Key Sections of a Skill Pass:

  1. Certificates - Add any course certificates that you have earned. 
  2. CV - Upload your CV
  3. Video CV - You can create a personal video CV. 
  4. Document - Upload all your professional documents.
  5. Feedback - Request recommendations from other Certif-ID members and boost your reputation.
  6. Generate my PDF CV - Choose from a range of professional templates to create your CV with a click of a button and apply for different jobs with different CVs.

Skill Pass is secure: Your profile is backed by blockchain technology, so be confident knowing that your data is safe.

Easy to share: Your Skill Pass is a secure digital repository to save, share and showcase credentials. You can store your certificates, CV, video CV and any other related documents and share it all together in a single click as and when needed.

To share your Skill Pass:

  1. Click on the Skill Pass Link 
  2. Enter the email to whom you need to share you Skill Pass 
  3. Click on Share button.